coc hack primer


Clash of Clans Hacks

Clash of Clans is a game that involves money. People are driven to find ways to be creative in getting money that they really did not earn. This human urge is the driving force behind the development of a Clash of Clans hack industry. Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, knows about the hack business. Supercell has taken some actions that prevent the use of hacks. A player who gets caught using some of the older hack producers is potentially liable to be booted out of the game forever under their present user name and ISP identifier.

The number of hack makers is so large compared to the number of programmers and observers at Supercell that the use of hacks to get gems is continuing unabated. New hacks for 2017 are already being promised.

The key to using hacks successfully is to use a personal virtual network. The PVN bounces your packet of electrons through a number of servers before the code deceptively enters the Clash of Clans game and acquires gems for you. Governments have the legal authority and the equipment to back track a PVN signal but Supercell does not.

There are three types of hack sites. Some are out right thieves, most ask you to do something in return for free gems, and some are really free.


The Thieves

The sites that offer free gems that are thieves are not exactly hard to spot. They ask for personal information that can lead to your financial information of a credit card number. You should not be asked for money to get a hack for free gems. This should be a dead give away because you are playing the game for money.


Work for gems

The vast majority of coc hack sites that get you free gems ask you to complete surveys or simple tasks to get the entry that gets you free gems.

The number of surveys and tasks that you need to do to get a defined number of gems should be spelled out up front. You can end up doing a huge number of surveys and spending hours of valuable game time to get just a few free gems.

A second disadvantage of the work for gems sites is that deep in the agreement that you authorize is a clause that says you will accept offers from the sites advertising partners. This means you get tons of spam. If you use an ad blocker or block the ads manually, you forfeit any gems you may have earned.

Free hacks

A few sites do offer hacks to get COC gems for free. There are no gimmicks or tricks here. The people who develop the sites get revenue based on the number of people who see the ads they show at the site. The sites often change locations when they are found out by Supercell.

Hacks to get free gems for Clash of Clans do work. The majority of hack users claim that playing the game would have proven to be a better option than spending their time with hacks.