Gets New For Christmas

Rumors and “tips” have abounded across the net about a much anticipated update and possible upgrade for Surpecell’s fantastically popular multiplayer game Clash of Clans. The developer has finally confirmed that the update will happen between December 19, 2016, and December 23, 2016. This may be just the Christmas present that fans of the game have been waiting for.

christmas coc

he update may be a bit of a lump of coal based on the most recent revelations by Supercell. The only confirmed change to date has been the Shipwreck addition. This limited announcement does not seem to thrill fans to a great extent but Supercell may be keeping the best for the actual release. The company has been known to keep the new cards close to its vest so that fans get a new level of interest and the company makes more money.

The December update is a savvy and much needed business decision by Supercell. Competition for players and player time from Pokemon Go has increased and is expected to increase further with the recent modest upgrades to Clash of Clans strongest rival. Supercell is banking on Christmas spending enthusiasm and the free time people have at Christmas to solidify and maintain their position at the top of the gaming heap.

One all but confirmed part of the new version of Clash of Clans is a gem trial. The player can earn a lot more gems than they can in regular play. The gem bonanza is free. This trial upgrade is expected to only last for a limited time and is considered to be a major factor in the expected Christmas rush for the newest Clash of Clans. There is no information as to the perpetual use of the free gems after the trail is over.

One of the problems that Supercell has admitted to having in making Clash of Clans more interesting and competitive is keeping leader boards and scoring when new parts of the game are introduced. The upcoming upgrade may or may not include the ability to star Town Hall 11 through Town Hall 10 staring. Supercell says that players may have to wait until January of 2017 for this change to take effect. Other game priorities and programming difficulties are the reason given for the delay by Supercell.

The upgrade of Clash of Clans for Christmas is only a week or so away. Long time players are expecting something reasonably dramatic and new. There is simply no way to tell what Supercell will do. The motivation for player retention and maintenance of revenue from the world’s most popular game is a strong factor that makes most gamers to expect something unexpected in December.

Other than giving away money just for playing, Supercell needs to come up with at least one amazing addition for Christmas.