Strategies For Winning CoC

You may be playing COC just for the fun of it and for the association with like-minded gaming enthusiast from all over the world. The game is the one language that more people are speaking than any other gaming language at least right now. There will come a time when you play to win.
Winning is the main thing in any game. The added incentive of money is going to become the reason that you want to learn the tactics that let you proceed and gain position and status. The following tips are based on the tactics that known winners use and many can be explained by the tactics used in the real world and war.
1) Castle at the center
This tactic is really just common sense. If you put your fort on the edge of your territory or in a place that is not easily accessible to a large force of troops then you will lose the fort and the people you have in the fort.
Put your Clan Castle in the center of your base. This provides you with a defensive and an offensive advantage. Your troops can emerge to defend against an invader and still have a safe place to run back to if they are outgunned.
Keeping your archers in the house is the best offense that you have against big enemies. You keep your long distance guns safe in the castle and give them a height advantage against tall and flying enemies.
This tactic is how the Knights of Malta managed to last for two years against forces that outnumbered them by 20 to one. This ploy keeps you alive in the early going of the game and gives you a place to run to when the going gets bad.
2) Save your money
Gems should be considered to be the equivalent of money in the real world. Hoarding gems means that you get more builders over time. Having more builders means the capacity to enlarge your forces and domain. Clash of Clans has the opportunity to use gems in a manner that produces minimal results. The instructions even advise a player to use gems foolishly. The players that have been around the longest and have the largest of everything are gem hoarders.
3) Cheap is better
This concept is the same idea that most people experience when they first leave home. You cannot afford the best so you get what is cheap.
The same concept applies to buying people who are weapons in COC. The more inexpensive people that you acquire when starting out allows you to do more to get the gems to buy the expensive and powerful pieces. This is simple economics of scale. If you get any flak about playing Clash of Clan, you can show your detractors what real world skills the game requires to be a champion.